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IE 6 death march

This year is a great year for web development. We will witness the „end of life“ of IE 6. And as far as I got it right from here, IE 7 is being trashed on the same day:

Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP Professional Service
Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP Professional

And sincerely: this is good. I just hope companies start upgrading soon, why should we wait until July? I just hope that Google, Amazon, Ebay and others take the chance to honor this date. What about turning off IE 6 support completely for a week or two? This surely would help companies to speed up transition…

But IE 6 was not all pain…  did you see this one here? So sad and funny at the same time… There is even a website dedicated to the IE death march!

So before you update to IE 8 I just wanted to point out that…

  • Internet Explorer is a piece of software more generally called „web browser„
  • It might come as a surprise, but the Internet Explorer is not the only browser available for Windows users…
  • Sadly, Internet Explorer browser updates are the only ones the inexplicably involve updating half of the underlying OS ;-)
  • Internet Explorer has been the least compliant browser for several years
  • Internet Explorer has been the slowest browser for several users/ years

So, before updating, have a look at Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. They are all far better (faster, more secure, more compliant) in browsing the web than Internet Explorer.

And you don’t have to fear your OS is vulnerable or broken after installing a update.

And, just in case you missed that one: HTML5 is the next big step in the web development. Google and Apple are the key players this time. Not Microsoft. Microsoft announced that they will setup a set of tests to evaluate HTML5. And they announced that IE 9 will be able to draw round corners (this is innovation from Microsofts point of view, really).

With HTML5 we will leverage the web to next level, the new features are awesome. Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera already support the vast majority of the HTML5 features:

Google Bets Big on HTML 5: News from Google I/O

HTTP Live Streaming

The Iphone OS 3.0 announcements included a new capability: to watch HTTP Live Streaming. Well, I know that there are streaming protocols and streaming servers, and I know that there is something like progressive download that allows us to start watching a movie while it is beeing downloaded.

trasnsport_streamBut what is HTTP Live Streaming? I finally found a nice article goung through the media streaming history (well, for some of us it is lived history…). I picked some facts that I found noteworthy:

  • HTTP Live Streaming actually does stream content in real time
  • RTSP streaming failes when it hits against the first firewall, HTTP tunnelling adds too much overhead
  • The technology behind HTTP Live Streaming was submitted to the IETF as a draft standard (on track to become an RFC)
  • It looks like Microsofts „Smooth Streaming“, but is not bound to Microsofts Expression Encoder, Microsoft Internet Information Server with a Smooth Streaming extension, and does not require Microsoft’s Silverlight 2 on the client…
  • It is simple: the content is encoded into an MPEG transport stream and chopped into 10s fragments
  • It is not an continuous stream, the client asks for fragments as they are needed
  • It does not require any special server (any webserver can deliver the fragments)