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Use Spring with GWT dispatch

From the GWT dispatch site:

Inspired by Ray Ryan’s Best Practices For Architecting Your GWT App session at Google I/O 2009, „gwt dispatch“ is an implementation of the ‚command pattern‘ discussed at the beginning of the video.

The project uses Gin in the frontend and Guice in the backend. Guice defines a very nice dependency injection framework, and as such, competes partially with the Springframework. But the Springframework is by far more than dependency injection, and I don’t want to miss any of its features in the backend.

So I took a look at the gwt dispatch sources, and decided to use Spring to setup the server side of the dispatch service. GWT dispatch extensively uses constructor injection. This works perfectly with Spring, but not with plain servlets. So I needed to rewrite the DispatchServiceServlet a little…

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