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Eclipse RCP development meets Maven2 projects

Maven2 is surely a great solution for building web applications.

Direct and transitive dependencies are resolved automatically, packaging, testing, reporting, everything out of the box. On the rich client side we have a very similar solution when we use Eclipse RCP as application framework. The PDE – plugin development environment – solves similar problems, specially dependencies between plugins.

A very common technology scenario for web applications in our days is to build upon Spring/ Hibernate and some GUI-Web-Framework- Solution.

Based on this technologies, http remoting became very usual too. Well, it did not take long to have the first maven2/ pde conflict. Not having the time to make maven2 build eclipse plugins and not having time to build the needed eclipse plugin integrate maven2 dependencies natively, I searched for some other practical solution.
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Finally. the new Java branding…

Maybe you already noticed in my or in other webpages – Java has got a new branding, a new naming system.

You surely will agree that it seemed increasingly odd to have that ‚2‘ embedded in the platform name while also having a version number like ‚5.0‘ at the end of the name…

Well, thats then, and now is now:

Starting now, at the 2005 JavaOne Conference (June 27-30), let’s all adopt the new naming system. As future releases of the platform ship,

  • J2SE 6.0 will become Java SE 6 (code name Mustang), and J2SE 7.0 will become Java SE 7 (code name Dolphin).
  • J2EE 5.0 will become Java EE 5.
  • J2ME will become Java ME, because it does not have a version number.
  • Java Card is not affected by this name change.

When you write, use the following terms at first reference:

  • Java Platform, Standard Edition 6
  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5
  • Java Platform, Micro Edition

Note: That’s without the „2“ and without the „dot zero.“


Long filenames problem with Java and Windows

I just received an email with the link to this bug in Java. Incredible, by now it is only fixed in the 1.5 JDK – it really seems that Sun wants us moving to Mustang (Java 1.5/ 5.0) at any price…

As far it is described in the bug report/ comments, Sun’s JDK is calling the wrong Windows function to create files. The one used can only handly 32k sized filenames (incl. path). 

Einführung: AOP / Aspektorientierte Programmierung

In diesem Artikel wird die aspektorientierte Programmierung, kurz AOP genannt, einführend erläutert. Als Grundlage dient das Buch „AspectJ in Action“ von Ramivas Laddad, das sowohl eine theoretische Einführung in die AOP enthält als auch einige praktische Beispiele vorstellt.

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Apache myfaces goes AJAX

I recently downloaded the examples from the nightly build files and deployed the sandbox.war.

In this webapp you will find three AJAX examples – have a look at it, it looks very interesting!

Never heard from AJAX? Well, it is quite new, the originating article was written february 2005.

This technology is beeing adopted by many groups in the java community: myfaces is providing some components (see the sandbox example war) and struts shale is providing the backend (see topic remoting).

The original article can be found here:

Further reading to AJAX can be found in Wikipedia: