GWT as an open source project, current status

Since GWT has been open sourced years ago, GWT mainly stayed an open sourced project run by Google. This has been changed with the introduction of the GWT committee and the big move into more openness.

Matthew Dempsky shared a few insights with the current state of GWT as an open source project. GWT finally detached from integral Google build process, moved to external GIT and Gerrit as first source of truth.

The GWT „re-opensourcing“ and move to GIT started paying of. From 5% non Google patches in 2012 to actually 20% in 2013. Still rough spots in the review process, no official ownerships: only unofficial owners and un-owned code. Integration builds are still a problem, since testsuite too large, too expensive to run. Presubmit testing delivers fast response.

The build process is a work in process. The move to maven was stopped as seen as unfitting for GWT. The ant build files are working but are not good, there is some interest in gradle/ buck. Unfortunately there is no dependency management yet.

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