It is all about the cloud…

It is the cloud game. First Google brought itself into the java cloud computing game by adding Java support to the AppEngine. It was a tripple release: GWT, Java for AppEngine and the Google Eclipse Plugin. A few days later Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud) announced to be running IBM Java EE products.

And yesterday we saw the announcement (twit1) that SpringSource will become a department in VMWare (twit1, twit2, twit3). This is the next player in cloud computing looking for Java technologies.

And, IMHO, this is the most interesting „marriage“ of Java technology and cloud computing for the enterprise customer as we know today:

  • SpringSource has been the innovation motor in the Java universe for the last few years, and many of us were hoping they would find some way to monetize their efforts soon and succesfully,
  • enterprise customers *do* have their own hardware infrastructure, often only lacking cloud computing software and knowledge.

So is this deal saving SpringSource on a long term and making VMWare even more interesting for the enterprise customers?

But while with VMWare it is all about the enterprise customer, with SpringSource it is all about the open source community – this is their strength.

We should be thankfull to see SpringSource in good hands, but somehow I am eager to see how the open source community will profit from the VMWare and the SpringSource team-up. VMWare is not known for open source products, but they offer some products for free. Wonder if it will be possible to setup a full working cloud environment on a free/ OSS basis.

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