Tempting: JSF & Flex?

Tempting JSF & Flex
Tempting JSF & Flex

I was reading news (I use Google Reader) and I found this ad-placement for JSF and Flex somehow funny.

This could be something for „the daily wtf„…

Jokes aside: JSF belongs to the Java EE family and therefore is a small piece in a larger picture – but Flex?

Flex, JavaFX, Applets, Silverlight: they all filled in a huge gap in the browser.

But HTML5 is closing this gap: video tag, offline storare, geo location api, canvas. Soon (as far as I know only Microsoft with IE is missing) we will have the choice between using the javascript (native, standard) browser api and using plugins.

I’ll go for the the javascript api. Time will tell what others will do…

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