TCP Monitor the easy way

TCPMON Monitoring window
TCPMON Monitoring window

Every once in a while I need to have a look at what is going over the wire. Since it is not my day-to-day job (it normally just works fine), I never had the time to search for the tools available.

I remember my first steps with Axis a long time ago. It had a tool called tcpmon – remember? Whenever I needed a tcp monitor I just startet the tcpmon of the old Axis laying around somewhere on my disk.

Recently someone asked me for a tcpmon tool – and after googling I quickly found the project on


tcpmon is an open-source utility for monitoring the data flowing on a TCP connection. tcpmon is used by placing it in-between a client and a server. The client is made to connect to tcpmon, and tcpmon forwards the data to server along-with displaying it in its GUI.

Webstart launch jpnl file for tcpmon

The real nice part is the jpnl webstart launch option.

Just click on the link and webstart will start the tcp monitor.

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