Outdated posting about Maven and GWT

I recently read the posting on the GWT Blog: GWT and Maven – Playing Nicely Together Since 2008.

Well, I must say that I am surprised and sad about it:

  • The posting talks about GWT 1.5.3 (we already know about that for a long time – so why now?)
  • GWT and Maven stopped playing nicely together since GWT version 1.6

The new GWT building „layout“ is great and at the same time it is a NO-GO for many of us. It generates the GWT app directly into the folder where it expects to find the web.xml and all the other resources we usually keep under SCM.

I really was hoping to use plain vanilla Maven and Ant to create GWT apps, but at the moment I can’t do it. And I am waiting (as many others) to get a working maven plugin that does the building magic.

Why can’t it be done right once and for all?

How many times will I have to hack a build infrastructure for a GWT project???

Or am I missing something?

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