How to use the SimpleHttpInvokerServiceExporter

The JRE 1.6 ships with small HTTP-Server implementation. The Javadocs can be found here.

Spring has provides many different ways of configuring remote access to beans (aka spring remoting), but the remoting documentation fails when it comes to the usage of the HTTP Service exporter that works with the new JRE 1.6 HttpServer.

So here is a small example on how wire up the embedded JDK HttpServer and spring remoting.

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Jira Plugin & Log4J

I came across this problem lately when I was working on a Jira plugin. A Jira plugin does not rely on a OSGi container or some similar plugin framework. The plugin consists mainly of a jar file that gets deployed with (I mean inside…) the Jira Java EE web application.

Logging is an issue in such an environment: the surrounding application configures the logging API – there is no way to provide log4j configuration fragments.

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Shift happened

Maybe you already noticed it: I moved from the domain „“ to my shorter domain named „“.

I managed to change a few of the referring external links to my new domain.

For the rest I created a 301 redirection to the new domain, so the transition should be quite smooth.