Modular apps with JBoss???

Reading MarcF blog I stumbled across this statement:

enough to call it out for what it is “an emperor has no clothes” attempt to monetize his ISV base. I will respectfully point out that all this mumbo jumbo about modularity being a “quantum leap to the next generation” is just bullshit. We were peddling modular application servers with JBoss and its JMX base back in 2000, except we had real run-time substance behind it.

Funny. I understand the “run-time substance” point, won’t argue here. I agree that JBoss was/is a beautiful piece of work, modularity already implemented back in 2000.

Yes. But we, who did develop applications on top of this runtime, who tried to use standards (regarding Java EE specs), did not have ways of modularization. We had different component models, yes. People are using OSGi to split their own application into coarse grained modules. OSGi by hand is a pain in the ass. The platform helps here. So this is runtime, yes. And they are solving problems that maybe JBoss had back at 2000, and some people who are trying to use OSGi now.

I do not see Java EE solving that. I do not see Java Dynamic Modules beeing released, I do not see that becoming part of Java EE.

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