GPL, GWT, GXT, FSF, confusion

I really believe that switching to GPL did more harm then good. A forum thread of more than 50 pages is no good sign…

It is quite hard to tell how GPL works for web applications. Does sending html/css/javascript code to a browser mean I am conveying the application to the user?

What is the application in this case? As far as I remember I deployed a war file. Is my user getting the war file? Is he able to deploy the aplication? What about all of my server side business logic and settings that never get to user?

I think that what developers at GXT are demanding is wrong. As long as this isn’t clarified, GXT is a “no go”.

Or does someone want to buy a commercial license that only works on an unreleased version of GWT for a Proof-Of-Concept project? My customers definitely not.

Further reading:

Darrel quotes the mail sent by a member of the FSF foundation

Pavera argues about GPL, browser, combined work and conveyance

So my question at the end is: was it worth it?

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