Session: GWT – JSF done right?

I just finished my GWT session at the Jax India 2008 conference. I had to switch notebook because I have forgetten my micro-DVI to VGA adapter at home (Germany). How bad, I was really looking forward to test drive my Macbook Air here.

I had about 50 listeners in a very nice auditorium. We had about 10 minutes of Q & A after the session, awesome. It gives me the impression that GWT is beeing accepted as alternative web framework for the Java EE stack.

GWT – JSF Done Right ?

GWT’s mission is to radically improve the web experience for users by enabling developers to use existing Java tools to build no-compromise AJAX for any modern browser. This session shows what this mission statement means for the Java developer and for the Java Enterprise industry.

GWT – JSF done right?
JAX India 2008, Papick G. Taboada

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