Session: The future of Java EE

I am very happy to moderate a q&a session with Rod Johnson at the upcoming Jax conference. Our q&a comes right after his keynote:

The Future of Enterprise Java – Q&A with Rod Johnson
In this Q&A Session you can ask Rod Johnson himself about the future of Enterprise Java. Rod is one of the world’s leading authorities on Java and Java EE development and he’s co-founder of the Spring Framework. The session is moderated by Papick Taboada.

In his keynote, Rod Johnson will speak about the future of Java EE. Among many topics, he will talk about the changes the Java EE 6.0 (Rod is member of the Java EE 6 expert group).

Here is the abstract to his keynote:

The Future of Enterprise Java
The future of enterprise Java is becoming harder to predict, as the traditional J2EE “one size fits all” model becomes less relevant and the rise of SOA and Web 2.0 changes demands on infrastructure. Rod Johnson will explain why this period of change is likely to be a Good Thing for the industry. Rod will discuss the many sources of innovation in enterprise Java today; the influence of open source; the changing role of the JCP; the importance of OSGi to the future of Java middleware; the important open questions in the web tier; the impact of external challengers such as Ruby on Rails; and the significant changes in Java EE 6.0 and how they may benefit the platform.

There are some interesting threads and blog postings to read:

I’ll be adding some more resources/ references as comments to this post.

Any suggestion and feedback is welcome!

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