Partytime in Stuttgart, the Spring release Party

On the 3rd March (monday this week) the JUGS organized the so called Spring Release Party. As a matter of fact, there was nothing actually released (ok, Sprin 2.5.2 came out the day before, but who wants to make a party on a minor release…), but there was still much to show and much to say. It was a single tracked conference across the Spring portfolio:

  • Ebehardt Wolff talked about the Spring Portfolio, mainly Spring Modules and Spring Integration. He also spoke about the new “SpringSource Subscriptions” (that’s how SpringSource is monetizing their support and know-how ).
  • JĂĽrgen Höller had really a hard time talking about all the news in Spring 2.5 Core – annotation configuration, JMS, new DI options, runtimes, product specific add ons, load time weaving, etc. All of that in 60 minutes with members of the community asking for details here and there. Never seen him speaking that fast…  ;-)
  • Mike Wiesner showed the re-branded ACEGI security framework. It has become Spring Security. The new version (not released yet) has a bunch of very interesting new features. The simplified configuration through the new security schema was my favorite new feature.
  • Arjen Poutsma showed its baby, Spring Webservices. He announced the 1.5 RC1 for this week – hmm… week is almost over – as feature complete lacking some documentation (smile). IMHO his talk was sure one of the highlights, ok, it was THE highlight. Good speaker, good samples, funny jokes, good product. I haven’t had a deep look at Spring Webservices yet (sorry, no WS hacking at the moment), and it was nice to see a complete contract first WS hack from A to Z. Again we have nice namespace configuration elements for no-brainer configuration. The good design of the framework, decoupling of transport layer, business layer and SOAP layer was clearly demonstrated. IMHO the best way to do webservices at the moment.

Unfortunately I missed Webflow and Spring .NET – I had to leave early. It was a nice small conference (about 100 people) and a nice opportunity to do some networking.

I wrote a short article about the Spring Release Party in German as well, check it out here.