there is a new hype in the horizon

I spent some time watching conference videos and small talking to some people and the word “Scala” popped up quite often in the last week.

So i thought “this must be interesting!” – well, at least it is now on my “candidate hype of the year” radar. I’ll have a deeper look at it – hmm – maybe soon. Hope it lasts long enough…

Anyway, I was looking for some brain exercises – some sort of Java puzzlers. The samples provided in the Scala documentation looks very promising! There are some nice samples for shorter is not always better to read examples there. And without having read the specs yet, well, they don’t look anything simpler to me right now…

See what I mean? It’s quicksort.

If you did not hear anything about Scala yet, here some links:

If you wath Josh Blochs session “The Closures Controversy” you will find it mentioned somewhere in one of the slides. That made me finally search and have a look at it.

Oh, and the stuff generated by Scala runs in a Java Virtual Machine – thought it would be worth mentioning it…

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