First postings/ news on the Jazz platzform

IBM is working for a while on the Jazz collaboration platform. I have watched the keynote from Erich Gamma on the last JAX conference. It was not a full product showcase, but we could get a glimpse on how Jazz is going to work – and as far I can see – change the way we will do software development in future.

So what is Jazz? Jazz is a collaboration tool written to support the whole software development lifecycle. Impossible? Have a look at the videos…

There are two videos URLs, unfortunately both coded as windows media streaming videos.

There is just very little information about Jazz, and the information we get ist mostly from somewhere else. This snippet here talks about the licensing of Jazz:

The Jazz Project is open, but not open source. IBM is essentially opening the platform to its partner community and customers. Rational marketing director Dave Locke describes as an „open commercial community“ designed to leverage the high intellectual bandwidth of an open source project to produce commercially viable software.

How can they call it „open“? Isn’t „open commercial community“ just the same as „commercial“? I do not see the difference yet.

Maybe it means that everyone is free to become a commercial partner in the community.

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