No, I did not post it, but talking about provocation…

The posting under URL

is not from me. I do not know who posted it there and put my name below it. The title, the content and the original author are completely wrong! What happened? Hello?

The original post to the cited content comes from Fabrizio Giudici’s Blog, you can read it here:

And, BTW, the whole web application era we are in is a provocation to developers. We witnessed a browser war, where the competitors glanced by adding text flashing capabilities to their proprietary html. We have now 2007 and our web browser still don’t know the difference between a text, number and date field. So rich clients are IMHO the only technical sane solution for rich internet applications. But the insanity comes from potentially million users out there, sitting in front of browsers (already installed and configured to bypass the evil firewall), ready to use, ready to surf, just ready.

If Google Gears is the tool helping me to use my web application instead of rich clients, I’ll go for it. The browsers had their chance. I am sorry they didn’t take it.

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