Where are the JBossRules (aka Drools) maven artifacts?

At first I did not believe my synced repository, but after looking at the main maven repositories it was sure: the JBoss Rules artifacts are not published to it! After some googling I found the statement in the JBossRules Wiki:

„We do not currently upload to ibiblio, but community members are welcome. „

At least there is a JBoss maven 2.0 repository we can use, as long as we do not want to use the latest release (3.0.6) – the latest in the repository is 3.0.5. Thr URL to the repository is:


This repository not only holds JBossRules, but also other JBoss artifacts like Seam.

In the special case JBosRules (Drools) there is another way to get the artifacts. Since they are build using Maven2, its easy to create the artifacts yourself: just download the sources and follow the build instructions.

  • to build 3.0.6 you have to use the provided ant script to start maven, not doing so will lead to failing tests. I did not look for the reason. You still can turn off running tests (by adding  -Dmaven.test.skip=true to the command line) and use maven directly, I did this to generate the javadoc and source packages.
  • to build 4.0.0 milestone and snapshots you can use maven 2.0 straight away

I used the following commandline to build all I need using the JBossRules MR2 milestone release. Then I copied the local installed artifacts to our internal repository.

mvn javadoc:jar source:jar install

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