Jira and Eclipse Mylar

It its now (the Mylar site states actual Version is 2.0 M3, May 14, means 2.0.0v20070514-1800) possible to use context attachments with the Atlassian Jira issue tracker. It was a feature I was long looking for, now I can use Jira to pass over Mylar context attachments.

To get it running simply use the Eclipse update tool, you can find it under Help >> Software Updates >> Find and Install

Go „Search for new features to install“ and add the following two remote sites if you don’t have them.

The Eclipse Mylar update site:


The Jira Dashboard update site:


To get along with mylar watch this video on their site. It is the best introduction I found, specially because Mylar has a new way of integrating issues into software development which is not self explanatory. At least until you don’t get the main idea.

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