Things we should not do…

somehow it seems that my understanding of a „reference documentation“ does not match others people understanding. While reading the JBoss Seam Reference Documentation about „caching“ I found this:

People from a PHP/Ruby environment will (…) What these silly people are really thinking of (…) and tells you a lot about the kind of applications that these folks spend most of their time working on.

I am not a ruby developer, but thats not the point… is Seam targeting PHP/ Ruby projects/ developers? I thought the wanted to show us how lightweight Java EE could be, you know, competition with Spring & Co.

IMHO, they where the first to provide a real Java Web-Application-Framework based on the new Java EE specs – some debatable design decisions, some real good ideas.
But anyway, why it is called a reference documentation and not a personal blog? I am posting it here so it never gets lost, even if it is taken away.

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