Antidoto: Spring 2.0, Maven 2.0 and modularization

Antidoto – the beginning

Interesting ways…

In the last months I participated in projects using spring and maven2 to build coarse grained software modules.

While splitting a project in smaller pieces is not really a new concept – and with maven it is even easy to accomplish – it still is a major problem to integrate those parts together again.

W-JAX 2006 In my session at the W-JAX 2006 conference I spoke about the lack of architectural guidance when building software based on coarse grained pieces. With the upcoming session at the Spring Day in Germany, I decided to opensource the actual codebase.

  • Why „antidoto“?

Antídoto is the portuguese word for antidote. An antidote is a substance which can counteract a form of poisoning. Antidoto is a java technology mashup providing building blocks for modular architectures. Modern java technologies are component based, but lack modularization capabilities. Here is where the poisoning is happening and where Antidoto jumps in.

  • Why „interesting ways“?

Because thats what people say when they see it. „Thats interesting“. Thought it would be fair to call them this way… ;-)

  • Why „the beginning“?

Because it was the beginning of Antidoto. The feedback from colleagues, customers and listeners at the W-JAX conference encouraged me to go ahead and create my first open source project

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