Free VMWare Server!

I shortly received this newsletter from VMWare – the VMWare Server is now free.

After the VMWare Player, it is now the Server that has become free. It is available as for Windows and Linux operating systems…

Well, after playing around with Xen in SuSEs distribution I decided to try VMWare’s Server product.

It was easy to install. The webinterface and the remote console are great. And, what I did not know, the running VMs do not occupy the whole memory at once – just as much as they need. In my screenshot below you can see two VMs with 256MB configured each, neither of them are in fact using that much…

VMWare Webconsole
Now I have a SuSE Linux server running the Linux VMWare Server running some VMs. I start and stop the VMs through the web interface, I work on them through the remote console.

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